Terms of Service




Find My Driving Test is a trading name of WillMoore Industries LLP. Find My driving test finds earlier driving test slots for its customers and customers will be bound by the following terms. These terms and conditions are set out to give our customers the very best experience and overall chance of finding an earlier test. 

  • Find My Driving Test does not have any affiliation or association with the DVLA. We exist purely to find test cancellations for our clients. 
  • By agreeing to give us your driving licence number, you give your permission for us to access your current driving test booking in order to find earlier test dates. 
  • Clients must not use any other test cancellation services at the same time as using Find My Driving Test. The DVLA caps the number of searches that can take place each hour and therefore we will not be able to find earlier tests. For this same reason, users of our service must not actively search for new test dates themselves as this will affect our ability to search greatly. 
  • It is the customers’ responsibility to reply to any SMS/ text messages promptly to ensure the maximum possible chance of changing the test dates. 
  • All clients must have a current test booking and cannot take responsibility for failure of service due to this issue. Customers without test bookings are not subject to our money back guarantee. 
  • It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure all information is entered correctly when signing up to our service. Customers who provide incorrect data are exempt from our money back guarantee. 
  • We cannot take responsibility for any test changes carried out by the DVLA directly. 
  • Users may upgrade their account at any time. Any premium upgrades are not refundable unless we fail to find you a new test within 10 days. 
  • As per our privacy policy, by signing up to our services you are giving us permission to send you new test dates to your mobile phone number. 
  • We cannot take responsibility if you book a non-refundable test through us and then decide to cancel. We can also not take any responsibility for booking non-refundable dates through our ‘autobook’ service. 


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at hello@findmydrivingtest.co.uk.

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Find My Driving Test has helped 1000s of learner drivers pass their tests earlier whilst saving our users £134 in driving lessons on average.